BLOG by FUSSED MAG Critique by Florence Hodesdon 9th May 2012

‘I paint not what I see of the visible world, but how I feel it to be. It is not a literal description of a place, but a feeling of a place.’

This is precisely what Wendy Hyde does with her visionary abstract expressionist paintings, embedding her heart and soul into the violent expression of colour. Consequently, these paintings cannot help but remind you of Rothko, for they both share an almost eager anticipation to share their passion.

Hyde claims that her inspiration comes from her natural surroundings - the landscapes, skyscapes,
and seascapes that envelop her daily life. The freedom which is evident in the environment is most definitely transcribed into her paintings. Hyde’s work is varied, and by placing a limited amount colours from a similar pallet softly together, or clashing bold and strong tones angularly, she can tackle an assortment of emotions. Either way, her work seems to be done effortlessly, conveying everything from angst to tenderness.



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